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A series of books that attempt to teach Java programming concepts in human relatable ways.

With a focus on beginners, Java for Humans aims to help anyone become a skilled Java programmer.

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Every programming concept is explained thoroughly enough for a beginner to understand.


Coding concepts are related to life experiences that beginners can relate to.


Build small projects as you learn. At the end, we build a small fighting game with a graphical userf interface for the desktop.

The Author

Lincoln W Daniel, a software engineer, is the ModernNerd and has had the opportunity of working at companies like IBM, NASA, and Medium.com

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Experienced and Enthusiastic

Lincoln has a passion for developing software that enables people to accomplish their goals more efficiently.

As the ModernNerd, Lincoln teaches concepts on coding and computer science in a human relatable way by relating Java concepts to real life experiences.

Written for Beginners

Concepts are explained in understandable, enjoyable, and relatable ways. This is an easy read for all.

Supporting Code

All source code is provided to you for each chapter. You can download the book's source code and follow along with the projects and code snippets.

Learn Better Through Videos?

All topics covered in Java for Humans will be featured on the ModernNerd Youtube channel. Subscribe to know when new videos are published.

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